Gran Canaria Day 6 - Playa Del Ingles -> Puerto Morgan -> TauroPass -> Soria -> Playa Del Ingles

I made an early start before the wind picked up along the coast, because if it was anything like the previous day it was going to get windy and as every cyclist or sailor knows the wind picks up later in the day. I was taking the coastal road GC-500 all the way to Puerto Morgan, quite a long stretch of undulating coastal road, which I'd done part of getting to Soria on Day 2. If only Sunday morning rides were this mellow in the UK, hardly any traffic and mostly local cyclists out.

Gran Canaria Day 5 - Rest day

I took the day off on Saturday, thinking I'd save myself for the last day on Sunday. After lazing on my apartment sofa till 2pm, I headed towards the beach and had some lunch, omelette with some really nice fresh salad, at a restaurant on the sea front. After I'd finished, I got up from my table and suddenly my right calf seized up, which probably looked funny as I limped off trying to shake it off. I headed across the sandy dunes being careful not too stray into the naturist area, but still getting a good view of the kite surfers who were relishing the windy day.

Gran Canaria Day 4 - Playa Del Ingles -> San Bartolome -> Santa Lucia -> Playa Del Ingles

After my previous easy day of 30km I thought I'd be fresher and for a longer ride. I took the same route as the first day on the GC-60 towards Fataga. But after I started the steady climb up the GC-60 my legs were protesting against this regime of doing a fourth day. They seemed to be on strike, giving me nothing much, I carried on grinding up the mountain not sure If I was going to get any further than the first viewing point before Fataga.

Gran Canaria - Day 3 Playa Del Ingles -> Ayaguares -> Playa Del Ingles

Ayaguares valley

I decided to take an easier day to save myself up for some bigger climbs later in following days. I ended up doing this in the opposite direction and it forms a loop with a 487m climb, bit like a mini version of the ride to Soria. Again with a long approach with a slight incline of a few km to the start of the climb. What I liked was you can actually get to the start of this road the GC-503 though some minor roads, taking a left at the last roundabout before the GC-60 and the bridge, and avoid the dreaded GC-500 of the centre Playa Del Ingles.

Gran Canaria Day 2 - Playa Del Ingles -> Soria -> Playa Del Ingles

Another early morning and I was heading along the coastal road the GC-500, it lines and follows the coastline in an undulating way, It suited my style as I could a turn a big chainring and use the momentum of the up and down hills to crest each climb. You don't see many coast roads that like so near the sea, which had a noticable blue hue with the fresh breeze filling my lungs with fresh air from the coast.

Gran Canaria - Day 1 Playa Del Ingles -> Fataga -> Playa Del Ingles

Viewing point towards Fataga

I got out early at the crack of dawn around 7:30am for breakfast of rolled oats, which I thought was porridge on the packinging but them Spanish isn't good, then I picked up my rental bike and got on my way before it heated up. I was impressed by my Cannondale synapse carbon bike, all high spec components and new parts not worn out, really dialled in by the mechanics.

Cycling In Gran Canaria 22nd to 29th April 2013


There are numerous cycle hire firms that offer high spec road bikes and I decided to leave my bike at home and hire one for 3 days initially to see how it went for the week. After my previous experiences of my other cycling holidays which involved wrestling large bike boxes onto public transport then planes, sometimes trains but not automobiles, I could do without that hassle again.